Time Management Review Session

When it comes to making more money, feeling less overwhelmed and enjoying running your own business you need to remember 3 simple things.

  1. Some activities make you money
  2. Some activities lead you to the money
  3. Some activities cost you money

One of the most valuable things I offer is a 60 minute Time Management Review Session.

It’s valuable for 2 reasons; firstly you find out how you are actually spending your time (you track for 3 days), and the impact it’s actually having on your results and motivation.

Secondly, based on what you want to achieve and how you want to work we create a simple action plan for you to follow.

That’s not really why the session is so valuable.

It’s so hard to measure if you are doing enough or too little.

If what you are doing will actually lead to success or not.

If you are spending enough time on the activities that will make you money.

“The session is a wake-up call, with an action plan.”

Or that is how one client described it when they realised that they were only spending 4/21 hours on revenue-generating activities.

Multiplied over a year the numbers were scary, they were so grateful to identify this before it put them out of business.

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