Does your to-do list overwhelm you?

Do you need to get organised but don't know where to start? 

Are you constantly distracted by everyone and everything? 

You're not alone, if you want to learn how to regain control of your time, grow your business and make more money...AS WELL as have more time to spend with the most important people in your life then you're going to love this website!

My name is Abigail Barnes I haven't always been an Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker.  For more than 10 years I was a sales & marketing professional, working for some of worlds largest Financial Institutions.

That was until 25 February 2012 when life as I knew it ended>> My Wake Up Call<<

That day I learnt the MEANING of life 

& the VALUE of time

For over 5 years I have been working with CEO's, Founders, Small Business Owners/teams and Organisations how to increase productivity, profitability & wellness.

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Time Management for Entrepreneurs is a 5-Step Guide that has helped thousands of business owners master their time.


“The biggest problem we see today is small business owners overwhelmed by their to do lists. Working on low value activities that are wasting their time and costing them money."

I have been running my own businesses for over 10 years, and I would have described myself as an effective time manger. Reading Abigail's book allowed me to take a step back and asses the reality of my daily schedule, which over the years has become a juggling act due to the number of businesses that I now run. The book helped me to reevaluate essential and non-essential tasks, it also helped me to identify some time stealing activities that had crept in and overall it has enabled me to tighten up how I spend my working day so that I am now efficient as well as effective when it comes to time management! Reading this book was an excellent use of my time!

Simon Coulson, Kent

A great book for anyone who is struggling with time management and getting sucked into doing things they shouldn't. It takes you on a clear path from understanding where you are wasting your time and analysing what this means to your business. It then shows you clear actions to take so that you can save time and start to turn this time into a more profitable exercise.

I would recommend this book, its easy to read and full of great ideas to really help you master your time management.

Ann Davis, London

"I recommend Abigail's book Time Management for Entrepreneurs to anyone running, or looking to setup, a business. It has the concepts and ideas to help you identify where your time is going, and how to make more time to concentrate on growing your business.”

Ian Grey, London

The 1:1 Time Management Review Session has happened at the perfect time, having just finished the 5-week Master Your Time Breakthrough Programme. Which had already massively helped me to start maximising my time. The session allowed me to quickly identify further areas for improvement such as my morning routine, task grouping, and discipline with timings and monthly metrics to measure success. I implemented what I learned immediately and have gained at least an hour a day of productive time and am a lot more focused too. I now have more time to spend on long term actives/business development that will grow my business. I would really highly recommend this session with Abigail.

Anna Larden, Southhampton

Having been in business for 16 years, one of the greatest challenge has always been time management.

Having attended Abigail's workshop, along with one of my managers, I can only emphasise how well her workshop gets across what we CAN do.  We do not have to be a slave to time, we can, by using Abigail's teachings, make time work for us.

I had the privilege of meeting Abigail before she had written her book and was still in the corporate world.  Abigail is true testament that if you implement what she has learnt, and now teaches, you will move you career, business and life in the direction of where you want to get.

Thanks Abigail, to all that read this, take the time to attend Abigail's events, it's a no brainier.

Paul Wilson, London